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(919) 968-9469

UPDATE: 12/3/17: Most of my cat rescues have been in colder weather. If you have an indoor cat, safeguard her 'escape routes,' so you won't need me to rescue your cat. They are difficult to extract when they have only been in a tree for a day or two and suggest waiting until day four. It seems cruel, but they are MUCH more receptive to a stranger when they are hungry. For this reason, be especially careful tokeep your pets indoors when the weather is gonna dip below freezing. Call my cell if you need me: 919-968-9469 -Mark. Thank you for visiting the site! UPDATE 6/16/17: It was a year ago yesterday when I was called out to Rescue Fluffy. Fluffy was in a sweet gum tree and was only up there for an hour or so. It was brutally hot; it had to be high 90's; I tried to talk Fluffy's pet parent out of trying a rescue so soon, that Fluffy would not be receptive. But her parent said she would camp under the tree until she came down or was rescued. I had hazardous trees to climb, tree pruning to do, but when she told me her husband was at the ER I geared-up and went up. Unfortunately, Fluffy went higher into the gum and I was spiked into a three inch top. I could not reach her. I told her parent that she would eventually come down, or at least come back closer to the ground; I could not go safely any higher. She was gonna stay with Fluffy. I offered to try to, using my climbing (life) line, bend the tree's top over toward the ground using the life line run through a block and tied to my truck's hitch. The tree bent slowly toward the ground. Six inches from her parent's outstretched arms the tree broke with a gunshot of a crack. Fluffy was flung into the air and broke her leg. It was very upsetting for all three of us. I kept in touch and Fluffy had two surgeries and, over time we got out of touch with each other. It was the first cat ever harmed in a rescue I was doing, and though it would not have happened if things had been done my way, it caused me great anguish and guilt pangs. This woman needed to be with her husband. Anyway, having lost my phone with her number, I went about my business. For a year. Yesterday I got a text with a picture of a healthy and happy Fluffy and more thanks from her parent. It made my day. So, I've done 24 rescue attempts for treed cats. Two jumped and were okay (one was a freebee which I do for the ASPCA and the APS; I rescue treed strays as a volunteer), one broke her leg and is okay now and 21 were handed to their cat parents in two layered pillow cases, provided by the parents. 21-2-1. I guess. If your cat gets treed, it will eventually figure out how to come down. If you can no longer wait, please wait until at least day three. If the weather is too hot or two cold, I will make exceptions. But the longer they are up, the hungrier, the thirstier, the more likely they are to receive a stranger coming up a tree with two pillow cases in his teeth. If you want to know, "why two pillow cases?" call me. If you want tree service, jungle taming/property clean-up, removal, storm damage clean-up, call me. My company number is my only number and it's the phone I keep in my pocket. You will get personal, friendly tree service from me, Mark: 919-968-9469

IF YOUR CAT IS TREED, I WILL COME TO THE RESCUE, (UPDATE: I JUST RESCUED A HAZARDOUS REMOVAL CUSTOMER'S CAT THIS MORNING, 5/19/17 and cats-getting-treed usually come in pairs and threes, so please, keep an eye on you indoor/outdoor cat and keep your indoor cat, well, indoors. I have rescued dozens of cats since 1993 and haven't lost one. I also got to return a baby owl to its nest before it imprinted on its caretakers at APS. There are a few others in the area who do cat rescue too, but, I've heard of them charging three and four hundred dollars. For cat rescue. That's extortion at worst, racketeering at best. Someone's beloved pet. I charge between $100 and $200 depending on your location and the difficulty of the cat rescue itself. I understand the torture of hearing your cat crying all day and night and will come out right away if there's light, or at first light in the morning. PLEASE CLICK ON "JUNGLE-TAMING" UNDER "SERVICES" For MORE on TREED CAT RESCUE. OR CALL MARK (919) 968-9469 now. Note: Cats DO eventually come down on their own. Also, as hard as it is, I tell ALL cat owners who call about rescue that the longer the cat is in the tree, the nore recepytive he/she will be to a stranger climbing up a tree toward them. If they've omly been up a day or two, chances are 90% that they will go higher into the canopy if start toward them. The higher they go, the thinner the limbs. The thinner the limbs, the more danger to both of us. The more danger...well you get the idea. Cats are best rescued after four days. As mean as that sounds, its true. And remember, to put it crudely, "I've never seen a cat skeleton in tree." They WILL come down on their own when they get hungry/thirsty enough. Still and again, IF YOU'RE CAT IS TREED, I WILL COME RESCUE IT IF YOU CALL ME. Mark 919-968-9469 (this is my business line AND my cell number and is always in my pocket.)