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*TREE PRUNING: Proper trimming/pruning can keep your trees healthy, safe and maximize their beauty. When done professionally, weight and "sail" (see "We Don't Top No Trees...," by clicking on "Blog" above) are reduced without harming the tree. Weight and "sail" reduction can also extend a trees life by leaving it less top heavy and catching less wind--making it less likely to break or uproot. The size of the crown (canopy) can be reduced without topping, using a pruning method called "drop-crotching," explained below. Good pruning practice can also "train" a trees growth; away from a house, for instance.

Drop-Crotching: Pruning a tip section from a branch just above another limb using "the rule of thirds" method. This method leaves a limb at least one-third the diameter of the section being removed. One-third is considered, in trees, to be enough to nourish the compartmentalization or healing of that cut and help support the continued healthy life of the branch. When done correctly, the finished product is a tree which is smaller, but does not look as though it's been trimmed. Topped trees, on the other hand, stick out like the ugly sore thumbs they are! If a tree co. practices or advertises "topping," I'd use someone else. Perry Tree Service, for instance. Please call me, Mark, on my cell: 919-968-9469. And thank you for not topping your beautiful trees!